Quoting Using SIgnal Verbs Exercise

Read the following PDF on how to use signal phrases to introduce quotations from an article.  Then, practice using signal phrases using quotes from our assigned readings.  Below, introduce 1 quote that you agree with (use the signal verb phrases for “agreeing”) and 1 quote that you disagree with (use the signal verb phrases for “disagreeing”).

Grammar & Paragraphing Assignment

For those of you looking for extra help with grammar and mechanics (how to build sentences, a paragraph, an essay), I’ve compiled the below assignment.  Please respond with your work as a comment under this post.

1–Read this guide on Subject-Verb agreement; pay particularly close attention to #3-4.  Write 10 sentences modeled on the examples in #3-4 (with abstract nouns—ideas, percentages, etc.–as the subjects of your sentences).  Please do 5 sentences with singular subjects (1 of the thing/idea–e.g. The assumption was limiting…) and 5 sentences with plural subjects (noun phrases designating more than 1 of the thing/idea–e.g., The assumptions were limiting…)

2–Read & do the exercises in this document on linking ideas using transition words.

3–Read this guide on how to form a paragraph using a controlling idea.  Write a well-developed paragraph explaining your thoughts on what you think the 3 main elements of police brutality are (according to YOU.