Mehreen Khanom Media Share 1

For my intro song, I chose Habits by NAV. I chose this song mainly because I like enjoying listening to NAV. But I love listening to this song particularly. There’s really no meaning behind this song that I could relate to except this one line. “Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts”, I relate to that because I get distracted really fast and I overthink a lot. I really like his voice and the beat of the music. And every time I listen to this, it gives me energy and hypes me up.

Mehreen Khanom Zoom Meeting 1 Summary

I didn’t get to join the very first zoom meeting for this class because for some reason I didn’t get any email. I was scared of the fact that I missed my first class for English. I thought I was gonna get left behind a lot and I was also confused. But after watching the first five minutes of the zoom recording, I already knew I would like and enjoy this class. I liked how the professor was being honest when he said “ I just dropped my girlfriend, who’s pregnant off at the hospital”. It showed that he is an open person. I didn’t know what to expect but after watching the recording I thought the professor was nice, friendly, and really helpful. Throughout the video, he showed how to use OpenLab and do everything there because I honestly never used OpenLab and didn’t know anything about it. In the video, he was reading this story and while he was reading it he made sure to explain the meaning behind it. If I was able to join the meeting I would have said something regarding the topic but most of the time my audio would’ve been muted. My video would’ve been off too. I definitely would’ve said something on the chat bar. For most of my classes, I use the chat bar most of the time. So far I feel pretty good about this class. It’s just hard to keep up with all the work. But I will get the hang of it slowly. And I am more of a visual learner so it’s kind of hard to get used to online classes.