1 thought on “Mehreen Khanom Essay 1 Draft”

  1. I could totally relate to your essay, I feel like we all went through the experience of believing school is just pointless, and reach to the point of almost quitting but never actually do. Life honestly feel like an endless cycle of just school and work. And I feel like that the reason we all never take school seriously, especially in freshman year of high school. I do also agree that at each stage of school we do learn something that will benefit us in the future, as you stated in your essay,( “In middle school you learn the basics, such math and reading comprehension. You learned character-building such as respect, honesty, and morals. Then in high school, you’re supposed to prepare for adulthood and the future.”) Overall I believe that you created a good essay. A suggestion I would give is to add how challenging the 11 grade was for you, and how you over came that challenge.

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