Nahid Ali Media share 11

In “Bill OReilly”, “Bell Hooks”, and “Beyonce: Sex Terrorist” shows that Beyonce is not good influencer for teen women because her behavior. Basically, it means that she is a celebrity and she can’t act the way she wants, she has to put a filter on. Therefore, young girls can follow her as a role model. That is not right for our society. Everyone has a right to behave the way they want and show their real self. No one has the right to judge you for who you really are but for her people always take it in a negative way whenever she does something. I choose this picture for this media share because the society wants celebrity to behave perfectly so others can follow them as role model. However, no one is perfect unless you put fake mask on and hide your true self.

April | 2017 | Everyday Contemplative

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