Alexandria Dorato / Media Share 11

“Bill OReilly”, “Bell Hooks”, and “Beyonce: Sex Terrorist” discuss how Beyonce isn’t considered a “role model” anymore because of how she acted. I believe that her fans were just looking for a way to get Beyonce’s attention. Hooks stated “I see a part of Beyonce that is in fact anti-feminist, that is assaulting – that is a terrorist. Especially in terms of the impact on young girls”. This is how OReilly feels… “why on earth would this woman do that? why would she do it when she knows that devastation that unwanted pregnancies, which we will deal with in a moment, not with you, but in another segment, and  fractured  families, why would Beyonce do that”?

I chose to use these pictures for my media share because it illustrates Beyonce’s fans admiring her at her concert. The second picture illustrates how her fans feel after what she did and how they were pointing fingers at her, calling out her actions.

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