Alexandria Dorato Media Share 10

Hip Hop History: From the Streets to the Mainstream

Rap music is still to this day judged. Whenever I’m in the car with my mom and I put my playlist on, she isn’t the biggest fan of it. This is because most boomers only like the music that they grew up with which is classic rock. Hip-Hop has evolved a tremendous amount and my age group is who mostly listens to it. One of the social issues that Jay Z discusses is drug use. “Jay Z returned to Brooklyn, where, he says, he spent his early twenties selling crack cocaine”.  I chose to use the article above for my media share because it discusses the advancements of Hip Hop throughout history. Back then, it wasn’t “cool” to be a rapper but now, rappers embrace it and like to talk about their lives. Eminem is a perfect example. If you have noticed, he frequently raps about his struggles in life but he found his passion and started to rap and became successful.

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