Alexandria Dorato / Media Share 7

In the text “Art at Arm’s Length”, Jerry Salz discusses the significance of selfies. I decided to share this picture of Khloe Kardashian which is clearly photoshopped on the left since she looks totally different on the right. I don’t want to sound like a hater but in my opinion, photoshopped pictures don’t have significance being that they aren’t natural. Photoshop on selfies can cause low self esteem and body image issues. However, a natural photo does have significance being that the person shows that they are confident with themselves and they don’t need photoshop to make them happy with changing how they actually look. This also illustrates how social media is toxic because not everyone realizes that a picture is photoshopped so they just think the person is perfect. This effects people in many ways causing them to feel insecure and they create unrealistic images of what they are supposed to look like in their head when the picture they are looking at isn’t even natural.

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