Nahid Ali Zoom Week 6

It was my lost that I missed this week 6 zoom meeting, because it was so informative. So lucky to watch this class recording right now. Beginning of the class, Prof. Almeida was introducing the library’s website, which was really helpful because I have a strange relationship with library research, I understand the great value that exists in using library research; however, I rarely use the library for assistance while researching for sources or writing a essay or research paper, unless I’m advised or required to do so by my professors. It always seems so difficult for me to get started and anytime I have to use the library it makes me feel like whatever I’m using it for will be very difficult to accomplish. So she was showing how to use different sections and areas that were available to us.  She also recommended a place to look for sources. I found her really informative and nice. I like how Prof. Street was brought to the class to study in a group. I feel that’s really helpful to most of us. Professor also talked about the list and how not every list isn’t good text. I was wondering about the difference between essay 1 and essay 2 but Professor explained it very well. Prof. Street also discussed, where he described some attitudes are related to internet addiction. 

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