Alexandria Dorato / Media Share 6

  1. I chose this picture because it relates to the ideas of internet addiction in the texts “The Viral Virus” by Lauren Duca, “Addicted to Addiction” by Christopher Lane, “Issues for DSM-5: Internet Addiction” by Jerald G. Block and “The Evolution of Internet Addiction” by Griffiths et al. These texts discuss how the internet can have a negative impact on a person if they spend an excessive amount of time on it. This picture illustrates a child so addicted to the internet that he starts crying when his parent tries to take away his Ipad. Early age addiction to technology can lead to social issues while growing up because kids invest so much time into electronics so they wouldn’t know how to socialize and make conversation. For this reason (when I have my own kids in the future), I refuse to give them technology until they are older and I feel they are responsible enough and ready for it. I am also guilty of spending too much time on my phone sometimes but I taught myself how to take breaks by realizing life is too short to spend hours on my phone and I rather invest time into my family and friends. People need to understand the negative effects that the internet could have on a person.
  2. Even though these texts are related to being addicted to the internet, a song about drug addiction came to my mind. “Lemonade” by Internet Money, Gunna and Don Toliver resonate with the ideas with these texts being that both have to do with addiction. In the song it says “off the juice, codeine got me trippin” and “Adderall, fentanyl, xanax bars, aye, I was fifteen, I sip codeine with my dawg, yeah”. Both of these addictions are social issues that I could possibly write about for Essay 2.

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