Alexandria Dorato / Zoom Meeting 3 Summary

In this zoom meeting , you were discussing “My Instagram” in the beginning of the meeting and you stated, “it’s not one of my favorite essays” and I would have to agree. It confused me because I felt that it was all over the place. I found myself having trouble when I was getting my scene together. After reading “April-May-June” by Mirene Arsanios, I came to a better understanding as to what a scene should actually look like. Personally, when I look at a blank sheet of paper, I struggle with getting the first few words down but after that I can’t stop writing. It was the same situation when I was writing the scene because I was worried that it might seem boring. I realized that even if the scene was “boring”, the reader would still feel like they are living the situation because of the details. If I was present in the zoom meeting, my list of weird things would include:

  • Salad Fingers (literally the most disturbing video that I ever watched)
  • A photo of two people kissing with the caption “love my brother”
  • The world record egg on Instagram
  • Japan’s pigeon people
  • A photo of mannequins laid out on a street
  • Goblin sharks
  • An underwater lake within the ocean

I would have asked a question on what you meant when you wanted us to also create a list that included a pattern. Did you mean a recurring topic?

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  1. Yes, exactly, Alexandria—I want to look for patterns in the list as in recurring topics.
    For instance, in your list, I notice the following patterns (it was hard because your items are so seemingly random):

    Plurals (more than one of the thing):
    Salad Fingers
    Two people kissing
    Japan’s pigeon people
    Goblin Sharks

    SIngular items (one of the thing):
    The world record egg
    An underwater Lake

    “Pigeon” people
    Goblin sharks

    Creepy sounding things:
    Goblin sharks
    Mannequins on the street
    Salad Fingers

    Make sense? It’s hard!

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