Alexandria Dorato/ Zoom meeting 2 Summary

If i was able to join this zoom meeting, I definitely would have shared one of my most recent dreams. I usually wouldn’t because I am more on the shy side but this dream felt so real that I thought about it for days and it is unquestionably shareable. The day before I had the dream, I was at the cemetery to visit my nonno (grandfather) because it was his birthday so I wanted to be near him. It was about 10:30pm when I last looked at my phone and I was starting to fall asleep. Note that there was a full sky of stars before I fell asleep and that is exactly what I saw in my dream but the only difference was that my nonno was next to me. We were bonding and joking around like we usually would and he started to point out the big dipper which is a prominent group of seven stars in the constellation. I was quite intrigued, space is just so interesting yet confusing to me. He then said to me “that strike of lighting that you’re going to see is just me saying hello and that I love you so don’t be nervous, I want you to see the beauty of it”. My dog always barks when he hears thunder so he woke me up with his loud barking. The chills that I had in my body were unforgettable. I got up and was trying to calm him down and then I walked up to the window. I went from seeing clear skies before I went to sleep to seeing a stormy night. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that strike of lightning, I felt like I was going crazy. I’m not sure if it was just a coincidence but I wanted to take his sign. I felt that the meaning was to tell me that he is still with me. I believe in signs from the dead and they are comforting to me because I feel like they are with me sometimes. I enjoyed hearing everyone else’s dreams too, I felt like I was “living the dream”. You grasped my attention when you stated “there is conflict evoked in irony”. I agree with you because when a writer is using irony, they use indirect references instead of direct statements to point out the problematic or conflicted relationship between the perceived and the truth. I was a little confused for Friday’s writing assignment so I would have asked what you meant when you asked for a scene related to our essay’s. I was able to figure out my question because when I hear the word “scene” I automatically think of a play (performance with dialogue).

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  1. Great dream and commentary, Alexandria. I’ll comment on your work for Friday regarding what is meant by “scene”—this is very important! I will note thought that you’ve created a “scene” in your narration of your dream here—you’ve opened up a “scene’ insofar as you’ve written in a way that allows the reader to imagine a sequence of actions happening in a particular space at a particular time (as though we were watching a film via reading). M

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