Monroe Street // Media Share 1

As my intro, I’m sharing a piece of video art by Arthur Jafa titled “Love is the Message, the Message is Death.”

Whenever I watch Jafa’s short piece, it makes me laugh.  It makes me cry (every time).  Alternations of white and black and black and white, violence and hope.  The Kanye soundtrack, replete with Mahalia Jackson wailing via sample, the shots of small children pleading with their drugged-out parents, learning to fear police—this makes you wonder: when in need, who will save you?  There Jafa plants a rather cruel reply: the indifference of the sun, far away, glowing, flaring.  I am trying to think of what brings tears for me whenever I watch.  There is something of the essence of what it means to be a human—living and dying in America in the 20th-become-21st century—here.  There is something of me here, I don’t know quite where, when I watch this.

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  1. For my intro, I want to use the song ‘brave ‘ by sara bareilles. I choose this song because it gives me strength to move on in life. Whenever I feel that I can’t do anything anymore or I give up I listened this song. It always makes me feel better and believe in myself that I can do. One of the line ‘ Say what you wanna say and let the words fall’ is my favorite because it encouraging the openness and fostering the communication. I see people who want to say something but they feel shy and keep that inside. So I think we should being more open.Overall this song tried to show that we can be anything we want in our life. We just need to be brave and shouldn’t give up no matter how the hard situation is.

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