Project 4 Story Concept Idea

The story I will be retelling is the Origin of the Chinese Zodiac. In the original folklore the Jade Emperor holds a race to determine which 12 animals would be on the calendar, the biggest challenge of the race was to cross a huge river. Both the Cat and the Rat can’t swim so the agree to ride on the back of the Ox in order to cross the river. While crossing the Rat pushes the Cat off and he drowns. In my retelling of the race the animals are humanoid versions of themselves and the race is a motorcycle race. The Rat and the Cat are tied in the lead until they come across the “Ox” Bridge. The Rat knocks the Cat and his bike off the bridge down into the river below where he drowns.

Project 3: Editorial Illustration Research

The topic I chose to focus project 3 on is how black youth tend to be sentanced as adults more than white youth. This topic is important to me because this is a constant issue in the black community. In most cases treating these kids as adults doesn’t help them and just gets them stuck in a point in their lives. In other words the system tends to work against them most of the time.

Week 5 Discussion

I choose this piece as an example of tonal organization. This is concept art by Aaron Limonick for the Uncharted game series. I think this is a good example because you can clearly see the blacks, grays and whites here. You get a good sense of visual hierarchy with things in white being apart of the background and things closer get darker in color.