Malik Smith – Project 3 (Research)

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My topic for the editorial assignment will be police brutality. I have picked out 2 credible sources that includes data and statistics surrounding the deaths-by-police count in 2017. There has been a record of 987 deaths in 2017 (second to the 995 deaths recorded in 2015). The first link, from the Chicago Tribune, gives a very nice summary of the deaths by police reported throughout 2017, as well as the causes and the issues surrounding it. The second link gives a clean visual representation of the same data collected in 2015-2017.

This is a topic that is very important to me as a young black man who often feels like his image is considered a “threat” or resemble one a “thug” and I could be #988 this year..

Malik Smith – Sketchbook


This week sketches may seem a little unorthodox and incomplete, but I am trying to study the figure and I wanted to follow a few different techniques to see which works the best for me, and I also attempted to do 2-minute sketches with each one as a practice I learned in my figure drawing class.

Malik Smith – Concept Sketches & Thumbnails

Here is the word-map that I did for E3 (since thats the event I decided to work with). 

 Here are my thumbnails for E3 (As I explained in class, I couldnt come up with too many interesting ideas for my liking, so I decided to do multiple events before I started eliminating)

 Here are the rest of my thumbnails for Comic Con and also Complex Con

 Here are my concept sketches I decided to work with.


*I apologize for the delay in uploading and submitting. I was absent in class 2 weeks ago, and I returned to class last week a little behind but I am submitting to catch up, even if its marked late*

Malik Smith – Sketchbook Week 2

For this week’s study, I was trying to learn different head angles and positions. anatomy of a hand, and also facial expressions. Some of the studies I tried to do on my own without a reference to see if I was understanding the concepts. Here is a link to my pinterest board with all of my references :



(I apologize for the captions on the last two pictures, I like to upload my art onto my snapchat to receive direct feedback)