Project 4 story proposal

The fairytale I will be retelling is Goldilocks and The Three Bears.

I will use a Native American Indian theme to portray different but similar visual characters as the original story. ┬áThis tale is about three Native American Indian defenders who equip weapons and wear bear fur coats that allow them to transform into bears in order to protect the forest and their communities from evil entities however, theirs an evil spirit called Goldilocks that’s hunting as well as killing innocent people in terrible ways. ┬áAs guardians of the forest its their duty to put their lives on this mission no matter the cost, to kill Goldilocks so, the massacres can finally end.

Editorial Article- North Korea Crisis

The missile crisis in North Korea has gotten lots of attention from the U.S and is a really concerning problem for the rest of the world.  North Korea is striving to build a missile that can reach other continents such as the U.S.  Their president Kim Jong-un is not in anyway, of stopping his mast production of deadly and distructive nuclear missiles.  North Korea has been testing their missiles for some time, alerting neighbor countries like Japan. Based on news reports, Kim has already test 6 nuclear bombs and one hydrogen bomb, it is expected that another deadly bomb will be tested over the Pacific Ocean this year 2018.

I chose this article since missile crisis has always been a problem because of their deadly destructive potential. ┬áToday many countries with material available continue to produce nuclear bombs such as North Korea however the purpose of these countries aren’t for the well being of others but for their own malicious use.

Thomas W Schaller

I chose this watercolor painting because its simple but descriptive at the same time.  The waterfall is clearly painted just like the trees, river, sky, cliff, and splashing water. This watercolor painting is well structured and organized with different tonal values. It contains good use of contrast with the foreground and background, giving the middle ground a focal point.  The waterfall has excellent contrast because its white and helps it pop with the dark trees and desaturated purple sky in the background.