Project 3 (research)Chengjiu Du

For my third project, I’ve decided to focus on an issue that recently happened in China.

It’s about the public anger towards an post that Sina Weibo(a twitterlike site) recently announced. It mainly says that in order to promote a “clear and harmonious” environment and to comply with stricter cybersecurity laws put in place by President Xi Jinping, weibo has to eliminate the spread of sexually suggestive and violent content and that it would target cartoons, pictures, texts, short videos that are related to parasexuality, sexual abuse, homosexuality,etc…

This post obviously pissed of the majority of Chinese LGBT community, because they considered homosexuality as abnormal or even perverts. Thus, a lot of public figures including celebrities in China had posted their anger on Weibo saying that there’s nothing different between gays and straight people, all human are equal. later on, Sina weibo deleted all these posts that seemed “supporting homosexuality”.

Chinese netizens are still fighting against the discrimination of gays..the battle has not ended yet..