Animal Cosmetics Testing

The second contemporary issue that interests me was Animal Cosmetics Testing. In today’s world, beauty was a thing for everyone. People buy lot and lots of cosmetics to keep themselves look good. This Animal Cosmetics Testing thing is not an issue that was commonly known. People brought their cosmetics base on how the advertising and company sell them. As long as its good for the skin, people will buy it. According to the article “Testing Cosmetics and Household Products on Animals:,”  animal was being tested on cosmetics product to see the effects. Although the non-animal test is widely available, a lot of companies are still testing their product on the animal. A lot of countries such as European, Israel, and India had already banned this method but not U.S. So, why is Animal Cosmetics Testing such a big deal? The product that is tested on the animal will often leave side effect and even cause an animal to die. Why do we have to test on the animal when there’s a way to save their lives? This issue is not being concerned about in out society, that’s why I want to bring this up.

Testing Cosmetics and Household Products on Animals


The first contemporary issue that interests me was Cyber Bullying. Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. As of today, technology replaces the way people communicate with each other. You can talk to someone across the country easily with the internet. According to the article “Cyberbullying: A Crime that Affects Everyone,” 42 percent of the teenagers report being cyberbullied over the past year. 20 percent of them try to commit suicide, and one in 10 of them attempt it.  The Internet is a place where you can express yourself and hide your identity from all the other. Sometimes a word that you said may influence how others think. Because the fact that nobody knows who you are, Cyber Bullying can easily happen. Sometimes when people express themselves through the internet, others give comments. When people leave a bad comment, it will affect their emotion. I care about how others said, so I know how if feels.  This was an issue that will last for a long time because there are no laws was create to protect the teenager that was being bullied through the internet. That’s why I choose this topic.

Cyberbullying: A Crime that Affects Everyone


Below was a painting name “Thusnelda at the Triumphal Entry of Germanicus into Rome” by Karl Theodor Von Piloty. The reason why I chose this paint because it gives me a strong feel on the use of value structures and tonal organization. From this painting, I can tell the main figure that artist want us to focus on was the women in the center with a kid.  This painting has a lot of people but I didn’t feel the composition was busy at all because the different value Karl use.  Karl makes the most important figure white and the rest dark. He also uses gray value to make the background not stand out too much but you will also pay attention to it.

Visual Vocabulary

In Yuko Shimizu blog “Visual Vocabulary” she was saying that you have to know what you good at first then impress the art director with it. From my point of view, I think she was trying to tell us that we need to know what kind of style that we good on and improve it. So that instead of trying to be better than other, you can be famous or remember by people from the style of your artwork.  I can use my sketchbook as a tool to developing my own visual vocabulary because I can easily tell what I’m good at when I look back on my old drawing and you also can tell what you improve and what you bad at. I’m the type of person that interesting in gaming and animation. I often draw the character from game or animation so my style maybe playful. Compare to body figure drawing, I’m more good on animation drawing so I think this might become an important visual signature of myself.

Society of Illustrators

After doing research about artist Goni Montes, I notice that all of his artwork shows the use of incredible digital color. Goni Montes was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. His rendition of “Tamiel, Angel of the Unseen”, which rename as “Tamiel, The Sight Unseen” grab my attention when I visit the Society of Illustrators’ annual show. I love the use of color and the perspective. I went on search the old version for this piece of artwork, I notice that he improve the color and change the perspective of the angel, it come out much better compare to the old one. The old version of this piece of artwork was specific for  Peter Mohrbacher’s project name: Angelarium. Peter Mohrbacher had worked on this project back in 2005. The main purpose of this project was to defines the ideas of the surreal angelic figure. I went to visit this website and I saw all of the angel’s figures seems abstract which was very interesting for me to see. I admire the creativity of all the artist that work on this website because I had a lack of imagination. Angel was an inexistence figure when we said angel, the first image that pops out in our mind was a yellow ring on top of the head, big wing, and friendly face. But in the project Angelarium, the artist create a lot of abstract figure for the angel, some looks like a devil and some don’t even have a facial expression. They push themselves out if their comfort zone and design the creature that they call as “Angel”. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much about the working process of this project but I’m sure Goni Montes was very good on the use of digital color because the color grabs my attention first. Although it was a printout, the color was ablaze.