Animal Cosmetics Testing

The second contemporary issue that interests me was Animal Cosmetics Testing. In today’s world, beauty was a thing for everyone. People buy lot and lots of cosmetics to keep themselves look good. This Animal Cosmetics Testing thing is not an issue that was commonly known. People brought their cosmetics base on how the advertising and company sell them. As long as its good for the skin, people will buy it. According to the article “Testing Cosmetics and Household Products on Animals:,”  animal was being tested on cosmetics product to see the effects. Although the non-animal test is widely available, a lot of companies are still testing their product on the animal. A lot of countries such as European, Israel, and India had already banned this method but not U.S. So, why is Animal Cosmetics Testing such a big deal? The product that is tested on the animal will often leave side effect and even cause an animal to die. Why do we have to test on the animal when there’s a way to save their lives? This issue is not being concerned about in out society, that’s why I want to bring this up.

Testing Cosmetics and Household Products on Animals

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