FINAL Project: Narrative Illustration


FINAL Project : Narrative Illustration 

DUE:  May 23 | Week 15

Final Project due with Peer Critique

  • Book Pitch
  • Character Designs & Concept Art
  • Process Book

Project Description:

Part 1: Using the characters and concept created for Project 3, create concept sketches for 2 narrative illustrations featuring the same character(s) in a different setting and situation.

Part 2: Incorporating feedback from your instructor and peers, finalize one of the 2 sketches into a final illustration.  Create values studies and color studies as part of process work.

Final Art can be made using any combination of traditional drawing / inking skills and digital coloring. Final art must make full use of value and read as a finalized piece of art work.  Final art may be in Color or in Black and white.  If in color a limited palate is highly recommended. 


50 % project grade Submit a PDF PROCESS BOOK guiding us through the project from inception to conclusion.

  • Carefully SCAN your process work. This should include : Your Source Material, ¬†Brainstorm, Thumbnails, Concept Sketches, Value Roughs, Related Sketchbook Work, and Final Art.
  • Carefully Label all of your work so that your thought process is CLEAR. Be sure all of it is presented well: facing the right way, no shadows in the picture, good contrast, etc.

50 % project grade Submit a publication ready 300 DPI JPEG of Final ART


DUE MAY 23rd


Final Pencil Sketch – Devin Sauls

The first picture is my final pencil sketch and the second picture is the black and white version of the same picture that will be used for Photoshop. I’m on the process of making the process book, but I still don’t know how to do the whole different shadings of the same color thing. I think it would be best if I get a visual representation of what to do with Photoshop. I learn things faster if someone shows me pictures or a video on it.

CUNY Campus Climate Initiative: “Strength in US” Student Art Contest!



Dear City Tech Students and College Community: 

CUNY is¬†pleased to announce the launch of¬†the ‚ÄúStrength in Us”¬†Art Contest.¬† The Contest will permit any CUNY student to submit a work of art‚ÄĒfrom a written essay to photography to videos and more‚ÄĒwhich conveys your¬†creative depiction of CUNY‚Äôs diversity.¬†¬†

There will be four contest winners who will be selected by our students through a two-day online voting process.  The deadline for submissions is May 8th.   

Check out the contest website here. 

If you have any questions about the contest, please email:


WOMEN IN COMICS Artist Meet and Greet


Hello Class-

Meet the Artists of Women in Comics before the show comes to a close!  Extra Credit if you attend one of the panel discussions!

Closing Reception

Thursday, April 20th

5:45 Р8:30 pm 

Featuring female artists spanning all aspects of the comics industry; from Marvel and DC to Independent Comics. These amazing creators are artists, writers, and entrepreneurs … and the show even features a City Tech alum!