About Justin Jackson

I have always been inspired by art from when I was a little kid to now. It really catches my attention. I seen art in many types of forms: cooking, music, graffiti, dancing, painting, and etc. There are unlimited possibilities of how art is expressed. It even sets a mood in motion for people to understand one another. That is why I want to be an artist. An artist’s salary is around $44,000 a year which is not bad since it is a field you would love to pursue in. You get to work in big open spaces like warehouses, studios in office buildings, and lofts. Most of the time artists work part-time which is kind of convenient for me because I have a job that is not related to this field but it could work well with my schedule.

Society of Illustrators

After the field trip I had so many thoughts in my head of what I saw in the art gallery. The art piece that caught my attention the most was called “Black Water” which was an editorial by none other than Daniel Zender. This piece was created digitally for the New York Times Book Review. The reason I am so fond of this great work of art is the way it sort sways back and forth like water. I like the showing of the dark character is reflected along with the trees. Daniel’s artistic style focuses on the dark side of life but she puts humorous twists in her work with color and composition. Its what keeps his work well balanced.

There was another piece of his work that was shown in the gallery that I almost missed until I realize their almost related to each other. This piece is called “Embarrassing Photos of Me, Thanks To My Right-Wing Stalkers”. You have a person trying to hide in the dark but the paparazzi exposing the subject. Whats a little different about this piece is that Daniel is spray painting to bring out a flashy camera taking effect in this situation. Its really breathtaking.