Visual Vocabulary

In Yuko Shimizu blog “Visual Vocabulary” she was saying that you have to know what you good at first then impress the art director with it. From my point of view, I think she was trying to tell us that we need to know what kind of style that we good on and improve it. So that instead of trying to be better than other, you can be famous or remember by people from the style of your artwork.  I can use my sketchbook as a tool to developing my own visual vocabulary because I can easily tell what I’m good at when I look back on my old drawing and you also can tell what you improve and what you bad at. I’m the type of person that interesting in gaming and animation. I often draw the character from game or animation so my style maybe playful. Compare to body figure drawing, I’m more good on animation drawing so I think this might become an important visual signature of myself.

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