Concept- Article on Pollution

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About Jessica Hernandez

I want to be a free-lance artist. I strongly feel that this Graphic Design class will help me understand the principles of art and also help me become a professional artist. My goal is to learn as much as possible about graphic design and contribute it to my own art style and improve my skills. Paintings inspires me the most because it can be a challenge especially getting the right color, but to me that is what makes it fun and exciting.

One thought on “Concept- Article on Pollution

  1. Jessica – this has potential but doesn’t’ seem very well thought through. I like the character and I like the values and the silhouettes… all this works. BUT What exactly is the concept? What idea are you trying to get across? Where are the rest of your sketches and thumbnails?

    Re read the article. What specifically is being said about pollution? Try using Fusion, Juxtaposion. or Replacement. If that sounds unfamiliar download the lecture on VISUAL METAPHOR.

    You draw well but if the concept isn’t great- that’s a waste of your skills.

    Cant wait to see what you come up with.

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