Mar 21 | Week 7 MIDTERM Presentations (no lecture)

DUE: Project 1 FINAL INKED ART. (Formal Presentation on Work PROCESS with FINAL ART)

NEW Project 2, Editorial Illustration Part 1– brainstorm & research (Include photo reference! Thumbnails will be done in next class)

Mar 28 | Week 8

Lecture: INTRODUCTION TO Editorial Illustration – Concept is key!

NEW: Project 2, part 2 Thumbnails IN CLASS, & Concept Sketches

DUE: Project 2, part 1– brainstorm & research due with Peer Critique.

Apr 01 | Apr 02 MOCCAfest 2017 ( Extra Credit self guided field trip Assignment)

Apr 04 | Week 9

Lecture: Editorial Review

DUE: Project 2, part 2– brainstorm & research Thumbnails due with Peer Critique.

NEW Project 2, part 3 Concept Sketches & Value Studies

NEW INK WASH Exercises

NEW Project 2, part 4 Final Pencil Drawing

Apr 08 – Apr 20 SPRING BREAK! 


Apr 25 | Week 11

Lecture: INTRO to Color

Editorial Illustration Work in Class!

DUE: Project 2 FINAL Drawing


MAY 2 | Week 12

NO Lecture: Editorial Illustration FINAL ART PRESENTATIONS!

Editorial Illustration Work in Class!

DUE: Project 2 FINAL Drawing


  1. I have a problem with posting a digital shadings to Open Lap. I don’t have an Imac laptop. I don’t know how am I going to post the digital shadings by April 18. What should I do?

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