What Have I Learned So Far?

While working at Clickdaily, INC. , I have learned about what it really takes to be a graphic designer out there in the real world. Since I begin this internship, I have learned to meet deadlines. Unlike in college, professors are not really stressed and put you into constant pressure to give the final project in the due date. When you work with clients outside, you really feel the adrenaline to give the final product on time because you do not want to loose them or give a bad impression.

Besides learning more about how to use the software every day, I have learned how to speak professionally to my coworkers and clients through email. I am always respectful to them and help them in whatever they need.

Something I have learned regarding the industry and the economy of the business is about price charges. Being an amateur graphic designer or even better a freelance graphic designer with not so much experience, you are not sure about what price to charge to your client at first. I learned that when you are a graphic designer, you have to understand about the value that your design has, and the process it takes to do a really good design work that follows the right concept with the correct design rules.

The prices of a graphic design work is based on the process you take to come up with a final product. You are not only charging the actual product, but your time, your knowledge, your creativity, your effort, and especially the revisions to fortunately satisfy your client. Now that I was able to see the price list of the company’s services, I have a suggestion about what to charge when I get to do freelance work.