Culture of Workplace

If you become an intern at Clickdaily, INC. you will have an enjoyable work environment. This company is very adaptable in all aspects. They are always aware if you need help with something, and your supervisor is always willing to give you a very flexible schedule. You, as an intern has the opportunity to decide which days and hours to come to work. He understands that you are a full time student and you have school responsibilities besides working at the place. The attire at the company would be seen as more informal. There is not a really strict dress code at the company. Everybody can wear what they like. However; I always think that you must wear something casual, something along between formal and informal. A nice pair of dark color jeans or dress pants, and button up shirt would be a good outfit.

The work office is small, it is not that big. However; it is organized. When you first enter, you will see a small room on your right side which belongs to the sales and marketing department. Outside of that, there is a open work area with three big desktop tables with computers and a meeting table in the center. Along with these workstations, you will have access to unisex restroom and a small coffee/snack area. My typical employee workday will be getting there Mondays and Tuesdays. Each day from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. My supervisor would introduce me to the new project for the week, and then be ready to start. Around 12:30 pm or 1/1:30 pm both my supervisor and I decide if we are ready to go to have lunch and also what to eat that day. He always invites his interns to have a great lunch time savoring new food of any type. Then, the rest of the afternoon is basically keep going with projects, asking help if needed, etc. Then at 6:00 pm it is my time to say say goodbye to all of them and wish them a nice rest of the week!

Sales & Marketing Department

Office open area (Social Media department and Graphic design department)

"Where I work every day"