My Role Model & Mentor

If I would have to choose a role model or a mentor from Clickdaily, his name would be Julio Li. He is a very passionate, driven, skillful and creative individual.

He is the head of the Graphic Design department at the company. He always treat everybody equally with courtesy and respect. He does not only teach new things to his interns, but also give feedback to whoever needs help from the social media and photography department.

In terms of punctuality, he never comes late to work. When there is a delay issue, he always make sure to notify his intern that he is going to be late that day. Most of the time he has had this problem, he sends me a message about what I am going to do that day. This is something I like very much since I can see that he is aware and make sure I do not spend time not knowing what to do If I come to work earlier that him.

Although he works full time without receiving any benefits or funds from the government, he is very generous with his interns. He would be open to provide and give a lunch time experience to us for free. I cannot be more thankful to what he has done for me and the rest of the people who has interned there.

I have learned a lot of things from him. He always motivates me to do always a good job and also inspire me everyday to take risks of any life opportunity. He is an excellent mentor and role model as well.