Understanding Your Client’s Needs

To be a graphic designer, you need to be patient. In the real world, you are going to meet a lot of people who don’t think like you, people who are not involved or don’t know at all about design aesthetics. That’s what this internship experience taught me about to use it in my future career.

One example is the project I did for a company called “Faces & Names NYC Lounge”. I worked along with Denisse, who is one of the social media managers from Clickdaily. She supervised and explained to me what the client wanted to have. Doing a graphic design work for a client takes a process consisting of communication back and forth, sketches, design samples, design corrections, etc. I feel that Faces & Names made me feel a bit tired since they were very undecided and wanted to change a lot of things constantly.

My responsibility was to create a menu insert, a smaller insert, and a poster. All these designs were created to promote the company’s weekend party events. One thing I noticed is that they did not give us what to put as body copy at the beginning. However; I though I could make it up and started to make lot of samples for them, so they can have different design choices.

First design choice

I sent the design samples to them through email. After some time, they told me they liked one of them, but they also wanted to take out some text. I did all the corrections, and I finished the selected design in all different format and size specifications. The struggle came when they asked to remove more text and change completely the background. I did not understand why they never said it at first. At that moment I felt that I wasted a lot of time. Besides the text, they wanted to show a photo of their backroom because that is what they wanted to promote to their clients.

2nd design choice
3rd design choice








I changed the background twice, and they did not like both of them. They ended up providing me with a photo that they chose. However; the photo was not very good to use since it was too busy and it disturbed with the text of the design. Other ideas did not come to my mind until Julio helped to put a blurry effect to the background photo in Photoshop. After that, I made the final changes and sent it again to them hoping they would like it. They finally love the final product and I am so glad for it!

Final design choice