How Good I Am as Graphic Design Intern?

Since the beginning of my internship, I have made a lot of effort to show my knowledge about design, strengthen my abilities, and also improve my weaknesses.

I think that my attitude toward supervision is very good. I always listen to what my supervisor says, and it is my responsibility to give answers in a good manner. We always talk about the week’s agenda, and I ask questions to him whenever I do not understand something from the project or when I need help in anything. My relationship to staff is very good too. There has not been any serious discussion or a fight between each other. When it comes to giving feedback, I am always present to provide what I think about the project in terms of design layout, colors, format, etc.

Another important point to evaluate myself is about my preparation as an intern. I am very confident to say that most of the time I am prepared and I know what I have to do for each of the two days of internship I have each week. As far as I heard from Julio (My supervisor) before, he said that I am one of the interns that have been more independent. In other words, he told me that he appreciates the fact that he never have to tell me what to do all the time. I think he prefers mostly an intern that is able to know all his work duties, and I think I am a good fit at it.

Last point I want to mention is about meeting deadlines. I think my skill to meet deadlines have been perfect. I always try my best to finish the project before the client need it. For instance, I have been working with a place called “Faces & Names Lounge”. With this company, I have been able to create their menu, a Halloween promotional material (this includes a menu insert, table insert, and poster), weekend’s events promotion materials, and lastly a poster promoting the NYC Marathon coming up this November 5th. So far, I have not encountered any bad experience with them related to how long they have to wait for the final product.

I feel that my work as graphic designer at Clickdaily has been excellent. I always share my feedback and communicate effectively with my supervisor and the rest of the staff as well. Furthermore, I think I have created very good design work for them since they always rely on the knowledge in my area of expertise.

Hope all this learning experience can help me to hopefully get another internship or a full time permanent job in the future!