Let’s Photoshoot!

There are many examples where I have collaborated with the staff at Clickdaily. At some moments, between my supervisor, the photography staff, and I share feedback each other either about design projects going on, what photos should be good for use, if the photo editing is correct, etc. We always learned and try to pick the best design possible.

During the beginning of my internship, I had the opportunity to go to my first photo shoot at a restaurant called “Trattoria Bianca”. My supervisor, one of the photographers (Vlad) and I went together to have a photo shoot experience. We first looked at the menu, and picked the best dishes that it may look nice and beautiful for a photo. After deciding our choices, we waited like 20 minutes for the food to be ready. When everything was ready, Vlad started taking a lot of pictures in different angles and backgrounds. Julio was there to check and help a bit while I was helping Vlad to give him any great ideas in order to get a good photo. After we took photo of all the dishes, we got lucky to eat all the dishes we ordered. I was surprised the owner/manager of the restaurant let us eat all! It was fun!

This is not the only collaborative work I did with the staff at Clickdaily. On October 30th, I went to another photo shoot at a restaurant called “Resette”. This time I went with one of the social media managers (Samantha), a photographer (Barry), and me. At first I thought we were not going to be able as there was the health department inspecting the restaurant at that time. One of the managers told us if we could wait like half hour until the issue was solved. In the meantime, she treated us with coffee, some bread, and fried calamari. After the issue was solved, we did the same thing as the last time photo shoot experience. We decided for the best plates, waited for the food to be ready, and take many interesting pictures in different angles. This time, we could not have the opportunity to eat the food because of the manager’s decision.    I think all these collaborative projects are successful because I was able to improve my communication skills with the staff, make team work progress, and most important, strengthen my photography skills.