Vestry Wines

Milton Barrera
Vestry Wines
For this project I had the opportunity to Visit Vestry Wines located at 65 Vestry Street in North Tribeca neighborhood. Vestry Wines opened its doors in March 2007. This store is a little hard to find, after asking to couple people for direction I finally could get there. The streets are desolate, for this reason it is hard to think that this wine shop has many customers. But, once in the store I could see a decent number of people looking for a good bottle of wine. The store has six aisles and shelves along the walls filled with bottles of wine well organized and with the label carefully placed up. I approximate to the counter and told them my reason of visiting the store; they kindly welcome me to walk in the store and collect as much information as I need. I quickly stared taking my notes.
The sales assistant offered her help, and was very customer service oriented. Megan gave me her full attention, and answered all my questions with confidence. Wines are classified by countries and Red, White, Riesling, Roses, and Champagne. Also there is a small section with dessert wines. Most of all the wines in are from France, Italy, and California. I observed that they do not have wines from Southamerica. Although, they do have a small selection of wines from Spain, Greece and Argentine (Malbec from Mendoza). Something that caught my attention was the fact that red wines are placed in dark wood shelves, and white wines, Rieslings, Roses, and Champagnes are placed in light wood shelves. Each of the bottles in display has information such as, grape variety, vintage, price, country, region, and appellation, making easily identifiable for customers.

Vestry Wines offers a wide range of prices, $15.00 and up, servicing the budgeted clientele and the sophisticated wine drinker. There is Pinot Noir Remoissenet, Richebourg Grand Cru 1978 for $ 695.00. Least expensive varieties include Sauvignon Blancs, Roses and Merlots, starting around $10.00 per bottle. Borolo and French Burgundies are amongst the pricier varieties, selling at $120 per bottle. I bought a bottle of Rose Niedermayr, Schiava, 2006 for $15.00. The most popular wines are Shyra, Pinot Grigio, And Sauvignon from California, Nero dā€™ Avola from Italy, and Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc from France. Vestry Wines have daily tasting from 12 p.m. 8p.m.
I really enjoyed doing this project at Vestry Wines, Megan answer all my questions and was very helpful. Also I was happy to be talking in wine terms, weeks ago I did not understand anything about wine, but what I learned in class helped me enrich my knowledge about it. I was pleasant to know of Vestry Wines and their selection of wines. I would not change anything at the store, it appearance and customer service is excellent.

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  1. WOW. A wine for almost $700. What is great about this shop is that along with the $700 wine is the $10 – $20 wine. The vast offering provides their clients not only variety in types of wine but in price too.

    I am happy that your study of wine is paying off. Though it is beneficial to your personal life I hope your professional life is also improving due to your studies.

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