Retail Wine Shop Analysis ~Yanaira Valenzuela

I visited Cabrini Wines located in 831-833 West 181st street. I was amazed of how unknowledgeable I am when it comes to my own surroundings of stores. I pass through there all the time and I had never noticed that was a wine retail shop. The place is extremely big that anyone passing through there can see it, but to my defense I always pass by in the car. When I visited this shop I was amazed of how big it was in the inside. There were racks of wine everywhere through out the store and some were located very up high. The layout of the store I would say it’s welcoming but at the same time it can be confusing for some. The wine regions and grape variety are not all located in the same place. They are all scattered. You have different rows of wine like Pinot Grigio’s, Merlots, and Sauvignon Blanc’s for instance. So if you are looking for a specific wine or brand you are off wondering where exactly it is located.

When it comes to pricing you have no idea what wine cost what because they do not have wine price label. But I believe the most inexpensive wine there cost $10 dollars. I did not have a great customer service experience because when I asked someone what was the price for a particular wine they just ignored me. But at last one of the assistant did help me out and also told me that they offer wine tasting in the evenings during the weekends. I would go again one day to compare both days but this time during the time they have wine tasting to experience it. This retail shop should make some changes. They need employees that are interested in wine so they can sell. They also should not hire someone who takes so long to take care of the customers. Maybe the person who attended me the first time was having a bad day, but they should not reflect it on customers. They also need some improvements on the knowledge of wine they are selling.

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  1. It is always good to find something new in common surroundings. Taking a walk through Cabrini can be educational and you seemed to be comfortable exploring what they have to offer. It is a good thing that you have been studying wine since their customer service was not up to par, of which there is no excuse.

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