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Question 8

Two or Three Things I Know For Sure is a memoir, though it is written from the first-person point of view like the autobiographies we have read before, it differs in the fact that it is a collection of stories, … Continue reading

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Post 3, Question 2

Simply, the road is life. It represents life and journeys both spiritually and physically. For Sal, the road leads away from his symbolic death in the city– a life of rule, regulation, pressure to conform, work and marriage. The road … Continue reading

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Post 2, Question 8

I think Giovanni’s room represents different things to each character. For Giovanni himself, his room represents a shelter or sanctuary to protect him from the outside world, a place to escape his past in Italy and contain all the muddles … Continue reading

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Question 5

There are a couple of factors, I think, that contributed to the race of the characters and why David was written as Caucasian. The most significant factor I think was the time in which Baldwin wrote Giovanni’s Room. In 1956, … Continue reading

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