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Hi, my name is Wesley De Jesus. My major is Communication Design. I choose this major because I want to go into game design. What inspired me to pursue this career choice is while I was growing up I played a lot of Video games and I was also really invested in the way characters were designed, how whole backgrounds were made, the animations for their move set. The scenery for games is also something that intrigued me a lot, how beautiful they can look. I remember seeing a background for a game that looked so real that I felt like it felt like I was right there. Now as an adult if I ever have extra money to buy the collector’s edition of games which usually contain art books or the separate art books themselves I would get them. I love looking at the concept art for them and I’ve always wanted to create games.

I’m taking this COMD 1112 because it is required and I want to get as much out of class as I can. My design process is spontaneous I can never really come up with things on the spot but they usually do come to me. I would be interested in collaborating in the future with big gaming companies like Sony or Square Enix or even smaller companies.