Field Trip report

The field trip to the United Federation of Teachers was a very interesting field trip. I originally thought that they were apart of the Department of Education but the person leading us through the printing site told us they aren’t thought they due support the DOE. It was presented really well though I do have to say that the door that the way we entered the print site was a bit confusing.

This printer is meant to be print posters and I found it to be very interesting because it’s meant to be printing large posters that are 100 by 100. I also saw an example of the Wonder Woman poster which made it all the more interesting.

This machine is meant to fold paper in a three way fold.  This impressed me because of how fast it can folded papers. though not all the pages were folded perfectly it was impressive to see how fast paper can be folded in a three way fold.  I also found it cool that it can fold 100 pages at time possible more.

This machine is meant to to put pages inside envelopes and close them I found this interesting because despite it being a faster alternative then by hand it can’t go as fast as the folding machine due to pages being crumbled up.