Assignment 2

Wesley De Jesus

ARTH 3311

Professor Trofimova

February 13, 2018


Assignment 2


What I learned in class is about the history of the Alphabet with starting due to the influence of Egyptian writing. We learned that, by 2700 BCE is when Egyptian writing had developed and it was composed of 22 hieroglyphs that represented the different syllables that begin with one consonant. These glyphs were used as a prononciation and grammatical guide. Although there was a writing for egyptians they were not used to encode egyptian speech. From the hieroglyphs a new system  known as “Proto-Sinaitic” was made during the bronze age..

What I found interesting is that the system came around because of the the Egyptian writing. Eventually the Proto-Sinaitic alphabet developed into the Proto- Canaanite alphabet. Eventually this also became the Phoenician alphabet. There was also another writing system called cuneiform. Compared to cuneiform and Egyptian the Phoenician alphabet was a lot more simpler than those systems. Another thing that was pretty interesting about t this system was that it  didn’t have any vowels and the Greek had to change it around in order for them to use it. The Greek alphabet officially became the first true alphabet. I also find it interesting that the word Alphabet came from the the Letters Alpha and Beta.

The history of the Alphabet was really interesting. The other thing that was nice to know but not entirely interesting to know was the life of a roman teenager. It was cool to know what kind of life they led before they were eventually sent to war. Besides this it was pretty interesting to learn about the Designer Massimo Vignelli and the different things he did. I also really like the quote “The life of a Designer is a life of fight against the ugliness”. I’m not sure why but I found it pretty interesting.

For the topic of my project I would have liked to have written about the art of a game called Okami. But I might have to settle for the animation of cartoon network shows like “The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy”, “Courage the Cowardly Dog”, or some of its other shows.