Assignment 5

Wesley De Jesus

ARTH 3311

Professor Trofimova

April 23, 2018

Assignment 5

In chapter 12, I learned that there was a lot of changes that happened near the end of the nineteenth century. During this time, it was called the Genesis of Twentieth Century and they were moving away from the design trends from before and attempting to create a new design trend. One of those designs were created by the designer Frank Lloyd Wright. What he did was inspire the a change from Art nouveau to a rectilinear approach to spatial organization or Art Deco. Along with his inspiration, there was the Glasgow School of Art where they taught students to move away from Art Nouveau. There were four Students who were nicknamed “the four” and they were Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Margaret McDonald, Herbert McNair, and Frances McDonald. They helped to reinforce the idea using a geometric style rather than Art Nouveau.

In Austria, the Vienna Secession came into being after the younger members resigned from the Viennese Creative Artists’ Association. They resigned because the Association didn’t allow foreign artists to participate in the Kunstlerhaus exhibition.  The Vienna Secession is similar to the Glasgow School, in that they were a countermeasure to art Novouveau. For a brief moment, Vienna was the center of attention and it was thanks to the Ver Sacrum, which is a magazine published from 1898 until 1903. These helped because each issue of this “magazine” had a continuously changing editorial, design and responsibility handled by rotating artists.

Aside from the Vienna Secession, there was a german artist named Peter Behrens, he made a big impact on the design world in the first decade of the new century.  The reason he made such a huge impact was because he design manufactured products such as street lamps and Teapots. He was the reason for the combination of Life and art.