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Week 8, Class 2

Midterm grades still pending

I tried! I really did! Still about half to go, so I will send feedback/midterm grades in the next few days. I will also post some office hours for those of you who need to talk to me about the grades.

Zine Assignment

Here is the assignment, in full:

  • You will produce a 12 page booklet, including the cover.
  • You will produce all the content. This is big!
    • You will write the copy (you can do research and then write it)
    • You will produce all of the images: you will take photos, or draw, or collage, or build images out of type
    • No images grabbed off the web are allowed. At all.
  • This booklet will be letter-sized paper, folded in half and stapled at the crease.
  • It will be printed in black and white (this will save you quite a bit of money when you go to print) but you can design it in color.
  • After the print version, you will be taking your design and adding interactive elements and producing the zine for tablets.

Next week

Remember, we will have 2 subs:

  • Prof. Maria Giuliani (Thursday)
  • Prof. Marianna Trofimova (Friday)

Be in time and ready with your work, they are both excellent instructors with very different teaching styles from me. You may learn stuff from them that I haven’t been able to get across, so this is a huge opportunity! Do not assume next week is a write-off–you will be producing the last of the Type Book pages and planning your zine, loads of great work to be done.


We will discuss the subjects you have all chosen and cover a few more international type reports. We will build a dummy for you to start working with in the design of your zine.

Type Book:

Today, we are going to look at some samples of A-quality Type Books from previous students. You will then go over your work so far and strategize about any changes you need to make.


  • Go back over your Type Book assignments: make improvements based on our class discussion. You will be wrapping up the exercises next week and then we will clean them up for the final presentation at the end of the week.
  • Start gathering material you will use to inspire your work on the zine. you need to have at least 20 images or articles on your mood book
    • Use Pinterest to gather ideas that you will turn into your own, personalized content.
    • You need to have your mood boards ready on Pinterest for discussion next week. From there we will figure out how you can produce images and content from those sources.

Pinterest Basics

How to pin to Pinterest without the button

Week 8, Class 1


Today, we have our MIDTERM!!!!

I will post the file for that once class has begun.


  • Go over a few more type reports
  • Introduce the Zine Project: we will talk through it a bit and look at some samples.


  • Think of your subject for the Zine Project.
  • Write a 3 paragraph essay about your subject on your ePortfolio for tomorrow. Include a couple pictures if you can. We will be going over these ideas tomorrow, so have something to talk about ready or you will look a bit foolish.


Week 7, Class 2

I am feeling pretty blech again, but I will keep on plowing through. Y’all are worth it.


Type Book:

Type Color:

Type Hierarchy Vids:

Simple Grid Rehash


Study for the Midterm!

Be on time, I am starting at 2:35 with the exam.

Study Guide:

Look at the quiz, that will be a great guide for you for some of the material.
The exam will be all encompassed in a live InDesign File. You will be using the InDesign tools to put your answers into place properly

Stuff you need to know:


  • How to export a pdf
  • How to paginate a multi-page document
  • How to work with master pages
  • How to package a file
  • How to compress and email a folder
  • Placing images

Typographic Concepts:

  • Alignment: possibilities, how to use it well
  • Tracking: possibilities, how to use it well
  • Width/Weight/Posture
  • Stress/Contrast/Serifs
  • History of Letterforms
  • History of Typography
  • Typographical Anatomy
  • Kerning, Leading: Kerning Game
  • Five Families of Type
  • Grids: parts, working on them