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More Type on the Run

Week 6, Class 1

After class, I realized I had not copied the second part of the Alignment exercise. My bad, we will get to it today. Here are today’s files.

A Word about Type Book exercises

We really need to talk about the quality of work that I am seeing in the assignments. I am seeing a lot of people not really reading the directions, not using the template well, and generally not caring about putting forth your top quality effort. I will expect all of my edits to be made to your final versions. Remember that the Type Book is 20% of your final grade. Without it, you cannot make above a C. 

And for the love of pete, NAME YOUR FILES LIKE I ASK YOU TO. I cannot possibly track down all these odd files all over the place.


We need to fill in some gaps in the Type Book, so today will mostly be a work session. I will meet with each of you separately for some one on one.

Here are some videos I want to show you while we work:


  • Finish the classwork for tomorrow.
  • Finish your report on a system of typography from somewhere around the world. This report needs to be 3 paragraphs long AT LEAST and include examples in the form of images, videos, or both.


On the syllabus, I planned to give it the seventh week, but I want us to cover some more stuff before then. As it states in the syllabus, I can change things to meet the specific classes needs. Also, I will have a substitute coming in for the 27th and 28th, so I will have to give that teacher your tests to go over with you.

A moment in Type