Week Three, Class Two

Let’s get back into the groove! Here’s a lovely video that will get us back into the mood for type:



  • Working on the Grid
  • Rules, strokes
  • Exploring InDesign: review
  • Guides, margins, and other layout aids
  • Project #1: The Type Book: Choose a performer, famous person, or fictional character about whom you will write your type book assignments. You will use this person’s name or text about them to tie the exercises together thematically.
    • How to create Type Book assignments:  
    • Type Book: Create a 1 page document which labels the following type components: baseline, meanline, capline, serif, counter, x-height, ascenders, descenders.

A note about the Typebook:
You need to collect all your assignments at the end of the semester to print the project out as a spiral bound book. I will have a sample today in class for you to see. You need to keep track of all the pages, and you need to turn them in on time.


Review The Five Families of Type

Journal: Due by Next Thursday

Find examples that use a typefaces that belong to each of the five families of type. In what scenario are they used? Put the printed examples together with paragraphs describing the family to which you think it belongs and why.

For example, find and identify a typeface that belongs to the Modern family. Describe what helped you classify it and why it may have been chosen for that particular layout.

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