This banner is represented perfectly me. I am a makeup addicted. I love to play with makeup everyday and this banner is perfectly say about me. this banner is so girly and cute. In the middle i decided to put my name on it. The font of my name is Impact and it is 52 Point and bold. Letter in my life i want to be cosmetic brand owner so designing the makeups labels and make it nice will be my first step.

about me

My name is Tawsip T. Howlader and my major is Communication Design at City College of Technology. My interest in graphic designing came from all the editing and designing I do in the social media. I can express my artistic and creative idea with help of adobe program. This is an amazing chance to explore the designing world. I complete my associate degree from Kingsborough Community College and this is the first time semester in this college.


Letter in life I want to create my own clothing and makeup brand. Dreaming big is the way of success and that’s what I believe. Also I want to design other stuff like, book cover, poster, product labels etc. The career I am particularly interested in as a designer. First I want to work other name brand company so I can understand the marking and the real world, then I want to start my own.

Field Trip


This printer prints wide format printing. It can print 44-inch-wide and up to 12 feet length but mostly they print 24 by 36 and 36 by 49. They are the big poster board. Graphic designer sent the design to the computer in pdf file, then they send it to MAC to the printer. Then they print it and mount it in quarter inch foam board.

Web Press:

This is 175 web press. It’s a very older press. This press can print more the millions of copes at a time. With a continues paper roll this press print back and front then it’s come to the round cutter and its cut enough so papers don’t fly away, then worker can break them. After the round cut the paper cut again every 11 inches. This machine operated by one person. The person makes sure the water and ink is balanced, print is good, delivery tray catches the paper nicely.

Folding machine:

This machine folds the paper. After printing and cutting paper come to this machine for folding. This machine can fold letter fold, G fold, C fold or double fold. After this machine, the paper goes to the mail room.

Howlader_Tawsip_Visually Enhanced quotes

My work is about know the knowledge and I understand that there is no limitation to know because a person can get knowledge from a child. This image is one of the perfect image because in this image this girl reading and seeking knowledge from it and most probably she is in the library. This image I choose from non-copyright site. I change the mode of this image and made it triton and the mixture of the color came out very moody and serious. I Try to Mach my text also, here I used “American Typewriter” regular.

In this postcard has nothing to say its self-explanatory because more knowledge we get from other people and their life and life achievement. Mostly those achievement we can read from the book. This quote is perfect match with this image. Also, I get this image from non-copyright site then I changed the mode into triton. The font style is “Baskerville” bold.

This postcard is my favorite. Same like other I get this image from non-copyright site and the change the mode to triton. The typeface is “Marker Felt” thin. The text is little bit of tint of blue.


I make this logo using adobe Illustrator CC 2018. I try to keep this logo very simple and elegant. The font for the top is “Myriad Pro” regular and the font size is 36 pt and the leading is 43.2 pt, also the lettering is align center and I transform the text with half arch. The bottom text is also “Myriad Prom” regular and the font size is 25 pt and the leading is 30 pt, it also align center. the main logo I made with ellipse tool and eraser tool the transformed it and the give a 3D effect. The color in the main logo is EF6F70 and rest of the letters are black. This logo represent me by my identity and elegancy. I love the color of it and this is my favorite color. I want my logo with my name with it so people can recognize me and my company very easily.