Field Trip


This printer prints wide format printing. It can print 44-inch-wide and up to 12 feet length but mostly they print 24 by 36 and 36 by 49. They are the big poster board. Graphic designer sent the design to the computer in pdf file, then they send it to MAC to the printer. Then they print it and mount it in quarter inch foam board.

Web Press:

This is 175 web press. It’s a very older press. This press can print more the millions of copes at a time. With a continues paper roll this press print back and front then it’s come to the round cutter and its cut enough so papers don’t fly away, then worker can break them. After the round cut the paper cut again every 11 inches. This machine operated by one person. The person makes sure the water and ink is balanced, print is good, delivery tray catches the paper nicely.

Folding machine:

This machine folds the paper. After printing and cutting paper come to this machine for folding. This machine can fold letter fold, G fold, C fold or double fold. After this machine, the paper goes to the mail room.

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