I make this logo using adobe Illustrator CC 2018. I try to keep this logo very simple and elegant. The font for the top is “Myriad Pro” regular and the font size is 36 pt and the leading is 43.2 pt, also the lettering is align center and I transform the text with half arch. The bottom text is also “Myriad Prom” regular and the font size is 25 pt and the leading is 30 pt, it also align center. the main logo I made with ellipse tool and eraser tool the transformed it and the give a 3D effect. The color in the main logo is EF6F70 and rest of the letters are black. This logo represent me by my identity and elegancy. I love the color of it and this is my favorite color. I want my logo with my name with it so people can recognize me and my company very easily.

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