Howlader_Tawsip_Visually Enhanced quotes

My work is about know the knowledge and I understand that there is no limitation to know because a person can get knowledge from a child. This image is one of the perfect image because in this image this girl reading and seeking knowledge from it and most probably she is in the library. This image I choose from non-copyright site. I change the mode of this image and made it triton and the mixture of the color came out very moody and serious. I Try to Mach my text also, here I used “American Typewriter” regular.

In this postcard has nothing to say its self-explanatory because more knowledge we get from other people and their life and life achievement. Mostly those achievement we can read from the book. This quote is perfect match with this image. Also, I get this image from non-copyright site then I changed the mode into triton. The font style is “Baskerville” bold.

This postcard is my favorite. Same like other I get this image from non-copyright site and the change the mode to triton. The typeface is “Marker Felt” thin. The text is little bit of tint of blue.

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