The Secret. Understood or Perceived?

I’m not here to proclaim that this video depicting Ms. Byrnes’s book is factual or otherwise, or that it’s the “End All Be All”. However I can tell you from experience that, positive thoughts in the universe yield positive results It’s almost surreal to actually witness one’s positive or negative thoughts manifest themselves and come to fruition. Not so much thought specific, but more “you think good and good things will happen”. That’s it! Similiar to Arlene, a lot of the bad things in my life I didn’t ask for, however I was totally prepped for negative results because my mindset was far from positive, progressive, or proactive.

On the flip side however, I began to understand that my mindset is just as important a prerequisite to how I conduct myself, in conjunction to the actual results of my actions is paramount. Keep in mind I’m not speaking thoughts specific to immediate results, I’m speaking about the overall integrity of positivity and positive thoughts in the universe. Past or present, positive energy yields positive thoughts and overall positive results. Even when there’s the gray area of day to day human existence.