Class Notes for Oct. 14, 2014

In class on Tuesday we went in our groups and were doing peer review. Just a few reminders when you are reviewing your essay that is due NEXT WEEK TUESDAY :

– it is okay for you to use own experiences but it doesn’t have to be your own, you can use your own analysis with others as well. Just don’t research nothing.

– Stay in 2nd person to keep the reader engaged and you can talk in 1st person when you are talking about yourself.

– When you turn in the essay make sure you email it in the correct format and bring a printed copy to class.

– Don’t do any quick editing, revise your essay and take the comments from your classmates into consideration and make changes. Its okay to think beyond your own thoughts and start from the body paragraphs and then fix the intro and/or conclusion.

– Remember that this is an argumentative essay so try not to summarize.

And bring in the readings that were required to be read for the past class sessions and be ready for the writing workshop on Thursday.