Pre-Draft Thesis Paragraph

What is happiness? What brings happiness? Where does it come from? Many have done studies to figure out the answer to these questions. “How to Buy Happiness” Written by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton and “What Good is Money if it Cant Buy Happiness” written by Sonja Lyubomirsky argue that its what we do with money and when it is shared with someone is what brings happiness. “How Happy are you? A Census Wants to Know” written by John Tierney studied a town and asked them questions to figure out what made them happy. John Tierney came to find out that when changes are made to better people it brings happiness. Also you can not really find out how happy someone is by doing a census because people reply to the census depending on the mood they are in. Happiness cannot be judged, people cannot direct a specific way of life to bring happiness. The only thing we can assume is that happiness is the essence of what brings us joy.