Brandon Richardson Introduction

1391667_620234151360635_1891071375_nHello everyone! My name is Brandon Richardson. I will be 19 on September 15th. I was born in Brooklyn, NY. But lived in Brooklyn for about 18 years. I have to 2 siblings and I ironically happen to be the youngest. My sister lives in California & My brother is in college living in North Carolina. I sometimes enjoy reading because it makes you realize that there is so much in the world to explore but in a matter of somebodies mind and point of view of somethings, It shows that people have different views and looks on things. I already o enjoy reading because of the different thoughts and ideas people make up to be stories. It’s also a escape from reality when reading a book that you are interested in. I personally enjoy collecting and listening to music. I have over 4000 songs on my iPhone. I also enjoy swimming & going to the gym. I learned how to swim when I was 9 years old. It’s a relaxing feeling to just swim laps and is also a workout as well. I entirely ENJOY watching football (The NFL) and football is my favorite sport of all time. My favorite quarterback is Aaron Rodgers but I am a Giants fan at heart.

I thought that my first experience at city tech was very unexpected. I knew that in college that you are truthfully on your own and nobody is going to chase after you to do work. If you make your own bed in college you lay in it. Either if it’s good or bad. I do however like the experience. I enjoyed exploring the campus trying to find my way around to my classes even though they are mostly all in the Namm Building. But I hope for the best in city tech and to have a great successful freshman year. I want to become a Doctor (Preferably a Epidemiologist) because I want to study how to make different type of cures to fight back against nasty viruses that are in the human body. This semester I plan on making sure that my GPA is above a 3.5. I know a 4.0 is a challenge in it’s entirety but however I am up for that challenge as well. I want to end updates make the deans list as well. During my summer break I worked at a hospital (SUNY DOWNSTATE) as a volunteer to help with files and exploring the medical center & seeing how doctors handle things with patients and etc (Technically like a hospital intern). I also when to Toronto & it was a wonderful experience. I loved the fact that it’s like a new world there and the atmosphere there is amazing. 

I mainly like writing but at the same time its a hassle to me. It’s like a love hate relationship with writing. I sometimes like expressing myself depending on the topic at hand but however my strength in writing is developing my ideas towards a topic and writing about it to voice my opinion or answer a question. I’m very eloquent when writing as well. But my weaknesses would have to be my hand writing. It’s like I’m writing hieroglyphics & it turns out weird when other people read it. I however am still working on having a good accurate hand writing. I enjoy expressing my thoughts when writing & I despise writing sometimes because of my hand writing. Me personally I believe that happiness relies on YOU at the end of the day. Nobody can make you happy except yourself. Just how I believe you control everything that YOU REACT towards. If you had a bad day and however you react positive towards it, then that shows you can control your own happiness. Happiness just doesn’t necessarily involve having money or having a wife and kids or even having everything you want in life. Happiness to me is just having a positive attitude towards anything and putting that into the world. When you give out positive types of vibes you get that back in life. Put in negative vibes and that also comes back to haunt you. My expectations for this class aren’t really “expectations” per say but I’m just ready to learn new things with English since this topic gets deeper and deeper every time you move up a grade and now that im in college you get to see the mastery of the English language.