The Best Spring Eateries

I can’t tell you how happy I am that Spring has finally sprung! Now that the warm and beautiful weather is here, it’s definitely time to take advantage of it. Spring means more reasons to be outside, more reasons to enjoy outdoor dining and try out different restaurants without having to worry about the cold weather.

I have come up with a list of eateries that’s worth checking out as the weather is warming up. Hopefully you will be inspired to try these eateries out.

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1. Dinosaur BBQ in Gowanus, Brooklyn is possibly one of Brooklyn’s hottest restaurant! It’s been around for almost two years and each time that I’ve been here has never been a disappointment. There’s indoor and outdoor dining available. It’s very cozy and laid back here and a great place to come with family, friends, or anyone really and enjoy some insanely good barbecue food.

Recommendations:  St. Louis Ribs, Brisket, Chili, Mac-n-Cheese

food dishes2. Hanco’s has a few locations in Brooklyn, but the one I normally go to is located on Montague Street which is very close to school. I like Hanco’s because it’s not your typical Vietnamese eatery. There’s indoor and outdoor dining. There’s no charge for tip and there’s a good variety of simple and traditional Vietnamese foods from banh mi’s to spring rolls to summer rolls to vermicelli to pho. I also like Hanco’s because it’s a very laid back environment and the food is tasty!

Recommendations: Classic Banh Mi, Shredded Chicken Banh Mi, Grilled Chicken over Rice Vermicelli, Vietnamese Iced Coffee

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3. Munchies Cafe is located in Bensonhurst,Brooklyn and is definitely one of my favorite places to visit. Their menu include a BBQ section, Hong Kong style munchies, cold dishes, pudding, bubble tea, and a lot more. I typically come here for their desserts because they are fresh, tasty, and refreshing. In addition, it’s a very laid back environment and very warm and welcoming. I like coming here a lot especially during the summer when it’s hot and I am craving for a cool, light dessert.

Recommendations: Papaya sago with grass jelly, Mario Brothers, Mixed fruits with grass jelly

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4. HOPHAP is located in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn and a great and unique Thai restaurant that’s worth visiting. The atmosphere is very calm and relaxing. Food is authentic, fresh, and full of flavor! I’ve been here twice this year and it has never disappointed.

Recommendations: Crispy calamari with sweet chili sauce, Pad Thai, White lychee sangria, Red mango sangria, and Golden Curry Puffs

desserts5. Just Desserts is another one of my favorite dessert places in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn! I like this dessert place because on most days it closes pretty late between 10:30PM-12:30AM, has a wide variety of desserts and bubble teas, and it’s inexpensive. Just Desserts is a cute place to come for desserts especially during the Spring and Summer time.

Recommendations:  Mango Sago with Grass Jelly, Watermelon Shake, Red Bean Ice, Toddy Palm with Grass Jelly

Hope you found this list helpful and try out a few of these places.

What are a few restaurants/eateries you like to visit during Spring?


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  1. I love Dinasor BBQ…. The others I will try… I like what i am seeing with Just Desert and Hophap …. have you ever tried the restaurant called Hill Country near Willouhby… omega i love that place too

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