Leading Lines

I often think of life as a mathematical sequence, there is calculation in everything we do. Even so there is maths in photography. I know it, sounds weird but its true. Like finding out the ISO value or the Aperture.

Symmetry; there is something amazing about it in photography. Like looking at trees that are parallel or standing in the middle of a train and allow your eyes to lead you along the lines.


a staircase

“The world is like a grand staircase, some are going up and some are going down.”  Franklin ave Brooklyn, NY 1:02pm

-Samuel Johnson


a hallway of windows

“Our past is like a footprint, it only confirms we were there. No burden on our future does it bear. Bring the rain, clear the pane of clutter.”  Franklin ave Brooklyn, NY 1:10pm

-Jeb Dickerson


a walkway

“Learn to trust your gut. It knows what your head hasn’t yet figured out.”  Brooklyn Army Terminal Brooklyn, NY 3:30pm

-Skull Segment


the inside of a subway car

“Symmetry is what we see at a glance; based on the fact that there is no reason for any difference.”  East NY Brooklyn, NY 7:39pm

-Blaise Pascal

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