Live, love and laugh!

a card that says "Live, Love, and Laugh!'
“Time may be flying in the speed of light, but one should pause and smell the rose that flourished in the rich soil. Begin to cherish the moments that were used to display you as the person you are today. Live, love and laugh!”
“In this current time, many people are just moving along with time. Once time goes by, you can’t get it back. We only have 168 hours per week, 24 hours per day, and one chance to live. As an individual, I would just treat each day of my life as an ordinary day. This past spring, I participated in a leadership retreat where I not only met new people; but also explored more about myself. By the end of this retreat, I was able to cherish that moment and relive the memories where I’ve accomplished many goals. It’s very important to take one day at a time. Everyday is different, yet you’re the author of your life. Whatever you choose to do will influence your present, and future. Without laughter, love and cherishment, you can’t enjoy your life, loved ones and especially yourself. Remember to live, love and laugh everyday!”
Name: J. Sledge
Age: 20
Major: Accounting

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